20 Photos Showing Things Could Be A Lot Worse

20 Photos Showing Things Could Be A Lot Worse


20 Photos Showing Things Could Be  A Lot Worse

Things could be a lot worse.

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For real.

Sure your grades might be crap, your roommate is annoying, your favorite DVD was eaten by your pet turtle (who promptly flipped over and died), your ex is dating someone you hate who’s richer and better looking than you, and the only person who listens to your podcast is your mother who texts our regularly to tell you not to use “so much foul language” and to stop talking about super hero movies if you ever want to meet a decent girl.

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But, take a look at these photos below, and just know: THINGS COULD BE A LOT WORSE!

Photos Showing Things Could Be A Lot Worse

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In Much Ado About Nothing, the generally extremely witty Beatrice depicts Claudio as “common as an orange/and something of that envious appearance.”

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My English educator battled long and difficult to persuade us that, as “common” was a play on words on “Seville” (where oranges originate from) and that orange was “the shade of desire” in Shakespeare’s opportunity, this joke was brilliant as well as diverting.

Everything I can state is, if Shakespeare is wanting to incorporate it in a high quality set, he shouldn’t open with it.

See, things could be a lot worse.

We told you so!

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