22 Worst Roommates In History

22 Worst Roommates In History

22 Worst Roommates In History

Roommates can be awesome. Or, they can be your worst nightmare.

When you’re young, broke or both roommates are a necessary evil in everybody’s life.

But, it’s not always a bad thing. Sometimes having a roommate can be awesome. They can become a good friend, a trust ally, and terrific wing-person for going out at night.

Roommates can make your life a dream.

But, then there are also the roommates from hell.

The ones that steal money, don’t clean up after themselves, take your food, break your stuff or sleep with your ex or random strangers in your bed when you’re not home.

The roommate you can’t convince to move out fast enough (hopefully after they’ve paid their share of that month’s rent). Or, the ones you can’t flee quickly enough (and who you hope will never try to contact ever again).

Here’s a list of 22 people who had some of the worst roommates in history, many of whom we can unfortunately identify with.

1. Worst Roommate Ever: The Grifter

22 Worst Roommates In History

2. Worst Roommate Ever: The Sloppy Seconder

3. Worst Roommate Ever: The Animal Abuser

4. Worst Roommate Ever: The Narcissist

5. Worst Roommate Ever: The B*tch You Can’t Stand

6. Worst Roommate Ever: The One Who Won’t Grow Up

7. Worst Roommate Ever: The Over Sharer

8. Worst Roommate Ever: The Drunk Landlord

9. Worst Roommate Ever: The Verbal Abuser

10. Worst Roommate Ever: The One With The Good Hair

11. Worst Roommate Ever: The Rude & Clueless

12. Worst Roommate Ever: The Hairless Meat Hider

13. Worst Roommate Ever: The (Non-Payment) King

14. Worst Roommate Ever: The Full-Grown Baby

15. Worst Roommate Ever: The Sister Slammer

16. Worst Roommate Ever: The Drug Addict Freeloader

17. Worst Roommate Ever: The Friendless Doper

18. Worst Roommate Ever: The Non-Paying Guest Haver (& Cat Not-Haver)

19. Worst Roommate Ever: The One Who Owes $2,000

21. Worst Roommate Ever: The Bi-Polar Bad Mom

22. Worst Roommate Ever: The “Not Nice” Girl

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