Company Rents Friends To Pose In Your Selfies So You Don’t Look...

Company Rents Friends To Pose In Your Selfies So You Don’t Look Like Such A Loser

Company Rents Friends To Pose In Your Selfies So You Don't Look Like Such A Loser

This compnay rents friends to people.

Do you have any utilization for an organization that rents companions to posture in your selfies?

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Company Rents Friends To Pose In Your Selfies

Assuming this is the case, we are exceptionally sorry to learn that.

It can be quite forlorn at the top.

For the individuals who have cash to consume yet nobody to go through it with, a Japanese organization has an answer as companions for contract.

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Organization Rents Friends: A ‘Family Romance’

The organization, Family Romance, has an administration called Real Appeal. You’ll have the capacity to choose sexual orientation, age and “appearance” of your associates for huge and little occasions going from beverages with two or three folks, to huge birthday parties.

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Company Rents Friends To Pose In Your Selfies

The service includes “unlimited pictures for social networking, free of charge,” the website says.

Company Rents Friends: Wide Range Of Examples

It also lists a range of examples in which you might need to hire friends. These include holiday pictures for Facebook, in which you’d like to include a friend or two. “I want to look like I have a nice network of connections, and I’d like to upload photos. Let’s solve this problem with Family Romance agents.”

In another scenario, the company offers to help you mimic the kind of pictures your more popular friends are posting of their parties. “The staff are happy to stand in as substitutes,” it says.

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Company Rents Friends: But They Don’t Come Cheap

Naturally, these things don’t come cheap. Two hours costs up to 8,000 yen ($70) for each person you hire, and you have to pay for their transportation fees and whatever they consume at your party.

One of the customer testimonials on the site recounts a trip out to the seaside, where she was able to post many pictures to Instagram and her blog. She also notes that she was pleased to get likes and positive comments on her pictures.

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Company Rents Friends To Pose In Your Selfies

Obviously, this is pretty sad stuff.  But its mere existence speaks volumes about the growing link between likes and followers and self-worth.
Rather than throwing a fake party, there are plenty of other ways you could spend your time. You might even make a couple of real friends in the process.

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