Justice League Official Trailer #1 – Warner Bros. Pictures

Justice League Official Trailer #1 – Warner Bros. Pictures

Justice League Official Trailer

Warner Bros. dropped their first full-length Justice League official trailer today. And it is a doozy.

We’ve been writing off this latest DC super hero ensemble flick as being yet another one of Zack Snyder’s many bumbled attempts at bringing comic book icons to the big screen.

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Too dark, too dreary, too heavy-handed.

Too just not fun looking.

And the initial Justice League teaser trailers didn’t move the needle very much in a positive direction to hint otherwise.

But, this trailer does give us a little more hope.

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Justice League Official Trailer: Finally Heroes Who Look Heroic

Ben Affleck will still never be our favorite Batman and using a catchy-buy-well-overplayed (and pretty old) White Stripes song as this film’s main anthem makes us sad.

However, finally seeing the big screen origins of characters like Cyborg, Flash and Aquaman is pretty awesome.

Justice League Official Trailer

The fact that Aquaman comes off like a failed, alcoholic, long-haired reject from a lost season of Deadliest Catch who lives in a small fishing village in Alaska and saves fishermen’s lives in exchange for free bar tabs is pretty freaking cool.

Sad and kind of loser-y, but still pretty cool.

The old cookie-cutter, blonde awesome Aquaman was always, forgive the pun, kind of a drip.

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Justice League Official Trailer: Best Line By Far

FLASH: What are your super powers again?

Batman: I’m rich.

Finally, The Flash clears the air and says what we’ve all been thinking by pointing out that Batman is not a super hero and is really just a guy who has limitless disposal income to buy bat-shaped weapons and vehicle.

Justice League Official Trailer

Justice League Official Trailer: 2nd Best Line

Aquaman: Dressed like a bat…. I dig it.

We cannot get enough of the other super heroes pointing out that Batman and his whole getup are pretty lame.

Although in this new Justice League trailer our friend Batman does execute some badass throwing-exploing-batarangs-at-bad-guys stuff that we can totally get behind.

So, let’s keep our fingers that the Justice League actually does not suck when hits theaters on November 17.