New Bitmoji Snapchat Feature Android Only (Sorry, iPhone Fans!)

New Bitmoji Snapchat Feature Android Only (Sorry, iPhone Fans!)

Is This Temporary, Or Will Eventually Make Its Way To iOS?

New Snapchat Bitmoji Feature Android Only (Sorry, iPhone Fans)

Snapping your companions with Bitmoji is presently more eccentric. In case you’re an Android client with the beta Snapchat application, that is.

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Bitmoji Snapchat Feature Android Only: Will It Matter?

A perceptive individual from the Twitterverse saw that Snap Inc. has revealed another component additionally coordinating Bitmoji into its administration for a few clients. Also, Snapchat clients (on Android gadgets) couldn’t be more joyful.

In particular, you can now thud companions’ Bitmoji straight onto your home screen and tap the picture to begin a talk.

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Fun, isn’t that so? That is to say, what better approach to begin a discussion that will end with somebody heaving rainbows than with a toon? (That was a non-serious question. There is no better way.)


Indeed, it would appear that iPhone Snapchat clients should hold up for a short time to get this new Snap settle on their gadgets. Possibly Snapchat will refresh this Bitmoji highlight in time for the new iPhone 8. Or, on the other hand, 9? Or, on the other hand, 10?

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Who knows.

Bitmoji Snapchat Feature Android Only: Time Will Tell

One thing is without a doubt. It will be a long, hard, baffling sit tight for the individuals who need to Snapchat the most recent, most prominent Bitmoji highlights when utilizing their savvy gadget to converse with companions, partners and whatever remains of the world.

We don’t know how they’ll make it.

Possibly Snapchat will drop some elite iPhone-Only channels soon to praise the arrival of a major summer film to pacify their raging fans.

Or, on the other hand, possibly fans will be forgotten wide open to the harshe elements for whatever remains of the year. One can just figure.

However, it’s sure whatever versatile OS or gadget individuals are utilizing despite everything they’ll continue utilizing Snapchat until it inhales its last heave of breath. Or, on the other hand, Facebook keeps conspicuously ripping off the greater part of its elements and drives it into prior insignificance.

The truth will surface eventually.

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